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The Department's mission, locations and history.

The Department of Statistical Sciences promotes excellence in the teaching and research of Methodological and Applied Statistics.

The large range of scientific activities of the Department covers various multidisciplinary subjects, the main ones being Methodological Statistics, Demography, Social Statistics, Economical Statistics, Econometrics, Marketing Research, Biostatistics, Environmental Statistics, Mathematics for Social Sciences, Applied Economics and Quality Control.

In respect of its interdisciplinary nature, the Department has ongoing collaborations with other departments of the University of Bologna, both in the fields of humanities (e.g. Sociology, Economics and Political Science) and in the sciences (e.g. Mathematics, Computer Science and Physics).



The Department was founded in 1982, but its origins date back to 1954, when Paolo Fortunati - an eminent fellow of the Faculty of Economics and an active member of the Italian Senate - created the School of Statistics connected to Institute of Statistics that dates back the first decades of 1900.

The first Head of the Department was Athos Bellettini, an eminent demographer and one of the founders of the Italian historical demographic studies. Prof. Bellettini was followed by Franco Tassinari, Fosca Veronesi Martuzzi, Roberto Fanfani, Giogio Tassinari, Ignazio Drudi at the head of the Department.

The current head of the Department is Angela Montanari.