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The Library - Department of Statistical Sciences "Paolo Fortunati"

Library services, collection and history

The Library offers many possibilities for in-depth studies and research to students, professors and people interested in Statistics.

General Information

Opening hours, maps and staff
Opening hours, how to reach us, how to contact us
History, collections, activities and collaborations
The library was funded in 1982 by Paolo Fortunati to collect, preserve and access specialized documentations about the Department branches of study and research.


Basic, advanced and accessory services

Resources and searching

How to find the books you are looking for
How to find journals and articles
Statistics databases and databases in statistics
Unibo access to databases in statistics
All Unibo databases
Access to all Unibo databases


Library - Department of Statistical Sciences "Paolo Fortunati"

via Belle Arti, 41

40126 - Bologna - Italy

tel: +39 051.2098197

fax: +39 051.2086242

Mon-Thu: 8,30 am - 6,15 pm
Fri: 8,30 am - 3,00 pm