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Internal Seminar 2017: Regional diversity in Cohesion Policy experiences etc.

10/10/2017 dalle 13:15 alle 15:30

Dove Dipartimento di Scienze Statistiche - Via Belle Arti 41 - Bologna - Aula III

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Pierre Maurice Reverberi

Cohesion Policy has been widely studied in terms of its economic impact and its capacity to boost economic growth in less developed regions. Far less explored, on the other hand, are the issues related to the degrees of variation in Cohesion Policy implementation schemes and the pro and cons of different governance practices. This study takes advantage from a larger research project on the perceptions of Cohesion Policy by European citizens to investigate on inter-regional variations in the experiences of Cohesion Policy, by means of an extensive quali-quantitative analysis of Cohesion Policy implementation schemes in 9 case-study European regions. The analysis shows that the functioning of multi-level governance is strongly dependent on a variety of institutional and political factors determined at domestic level and that higher institutional quality is associated with higher territorialisation of Cohesion Policy actions.

Alessandra Luati
Silvia Cagnone