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Statistics seminar 2017: "Migration, Marriage and Social Mobility: Women in Sweden 1880-1900"

Seminario (annullato)

01/03/2017 dalle 10:00 alle 11:00

Dove Dipartimento di Scienze Statistiche "P. Fortunati" - Via Belle Arti 41 - Aula IV, 2° piano

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Martin Dribe
Department of Economic History and Center for Economic Demography
Lund University

The social mobility of women has largely been neglected in previous research. The aim of this paper is to study this issue by looking at the connection between internal migration and marriage outcomes for women using complete count census data for Sweden. The censuses 1880, 1890 and 1900 have been linked at the individual level, which enables us to follow about 1070,000 women from their parental home to their new marital household. Marriage market imbalances do not seem to have been an important push factor in internal migration for women at the turn of the last century in Sweden. On the other hand, we find a strong association between migration distance and marriage outcomes, both in terms of overall marriage probabilities and in terms of partner selection. These results highlight the importance of migration for women’s social mobility during industrialization.


Francesco Scalone