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Bayesian Statistics

Linda Altieri

Junior Assistant Professor

  • Environmental statistics
  • Bayesian inference
  • Point processes
  • Entropy measures


Daniela Cocchi


  • Statistical models for environmental problems
  • Bayesian solutions for hierarchical superpopulation models and small area inference
  • Development of hierarchical models and methods for air quality indices
  • Spatial modelling


Fedele Pasquale Greco

Associate Professor

  • Hierarchical Bayesian models
  • Multivariate areal data models
  • Gaussian Markov random fields
  • Disease Mapping


Mariagiulia Matteucci

Associate Professor

  • MCMC estimation of item response theory (IRT) models
  • Posterior predictive assessment of IRT models
  • Automated test assembly
  • Statistical models for educational assessment


Stefania Mignani


  • Item response theory models
  • Goodness of ift techniques
  • Test equating and test assembly
  • Statistical education
  • Big data analytics in sports


Carlo Trivisano

Associate Professor

  • Finite population sampling and inference
  • Bayesian Inference
  • Small area Inference


Massimo Ventrucci

Senior Assistant Professor

  • Smoothing
  • Bayesian penalized spline models
  • Priors in Bayesian flexible regression models