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Tourism Economics and Statistics

Cristina Bernini

Associate Professor

  • Households consumption, life cycle and recessions
  • Measuring and modelling subjective well-being
  • Public subsidies, TFP and efficiency
  • Banking system, efficiency and local economy
  • Happiness and territorial amenities
  • Tourism consumption and living standards
  • Tourism firms productivity and efficiency


Massimiliano Castellani

Assistant Professor

  • Industrial organization
  • Political economy
  • Applied economics
  • Two-sided markets
  • Economic growth


Andrea Guizzardi

Associate Professor

  • Forecasting and optimization
  • Performance analysis of hotels and destinations
  • Customers satisfaction
  • Dynamic pricing
  • Business travel


Stefania Mignani


  • Item response theory models
  • Goodness of ift techniques
  • Test equating and test assembly
  • Statistical education
  • Big data analytics in sports


Pierpaolo Pattitoni

Assistant Professor

  • Corporate Finance and Governance
  • Investment Decisions
  • Information and Market Efficiency
  • Applied economics


Laura Vici

Assistant Professor

  • Applied economics
  • Industrial economics
  • Economics of turism