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Principali pubblicazioni dei membri del Dipartimento degli ultimi 5 anni.
Anno di pubblicazione
601 pubblicazioni
  • Aurora, Angeli; Camilla, Alberani, Vieillissement de la population, ménages et vulnérabilité sociale en Egypte. Différences géographiques et de genre., in: Les politiques publiques face aux réalités plurielles de la vieillesse dans les pays du Sud, Paris, INED, in corso di stampa, pp. 1 - 4 (LES CAHIERS DE L'INED) [Capitolo/Saggio in libro]
  • TO, DUC KHANH; Chiogna Monica; Adimari Gianfranco, Nonparametric estimation of ROC surfaces under verification bias: supplementary material, «REVSTAT STATISTICAL JOURNAL», in corso di stampa, 0, pp. 1 - 51 [Articolo in rivista]
  • Khanh To Duc; Monica Chiogna; Gianfranco Adimari, Nonparametric estimation of ROC surfaces under verification bias, «REVSTAT STATISTICAL JOURNAL», in corso di stampa, Non ancora assegnato, pp. 0 - 10 [Articolo in rivista]
  • Bilel Kacem Ben Ammou; Alberto Lanconelli, Rate of Convergence for Wong–Zakai-Type Approximations of Itô Stochastic Differential Equations, «JOURNAL OF THEORETICAL PROBABILITY», in corso di stampa, In stampa, pp. 1 - 24 [Articolo in rivista]
  • Khanh To Duc, Monica Chiogna, Gianfranco Adimari, Estimation of the volume under the ROC surface in presence of nonignorable verification bias, «STATISTICAL METHODS & APPLICATIONS», in corso di stampa, Non definito, pp. 1 - 28 [Articolo in rivista]
  • Maria R. Ferrante, Marzia Freo, Detecting learning‐by‐exporting effects on firms' productivity distribution by accounting for heterogeneous macrofactors and panel attrition, «WORLD ECONOMY», in corso di stampa, 00, pp. 1 - 19 [Articolo in rivista]
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  • D'Attoma, Ida; Camillo, Furio; Clark, M. H., A Comparison of Bias Reduction Methods:Clustering versus Propensity Score Subclassification and Weighting, «THE JOURNAL OF EXPERIMENTAL EDUCATION», 2019, 87, pp. 33 - 54 [Articolo in rivista]
  • Proietti, Tommaso; Luati, Alessandra, Generalised Linear Cepstral Models for the Spectrum of a Time Series, «STATISTICA SINICA», 2019, 29, pp. 1 - 23 [Articolo in rivista]
  • Giovanni Mingari Scarpello, Daniele Ritelli, Giulia Spaletta, Aircraft planar trajectories in crosswind navigation: some hypergeometric solutions, «EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF PHYSICS», 2019, 40, pp. 2 - 20 [Articolo in rivista]
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  • Guizzardi, Andrea; Pons, Flavio Maria Emanuele*; Ranieri, Ercolino, Competition patterns, spatial and advance booking effects in the accommodation market online, «TOURISM MANAGEMENT», 2019, 71, pp. 476 - 489 [Articolo in rivista]
  • Castiglione, Concetta; Mazzocchi, Mario, Ten years of five-a-day policy in the UK: Nutritional outcomes and environmental effects, «ECOLOGICAL ECONOMICS», 2019, 157, pp. 185 - 194 [Articolo in rivista]
  • Cristina Ziliani, Marco Ieva, Juan Carlos Gázquez-Abad, Ida D'Attoma, Retail Promotional Communication: The Comparative Effectiveness of Print Versus Online., in: Exploring Omnichannel Retailing, Basel, Springer International Publishing, 2019, pp. 225 - 249 [Capitolo/Saggio in libro]
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  • Biondi, Beatrice*; Van der Lans, Ivo A.; Mazzocchi, Mario; Fischer, Arnout R.H.; Van Trijp, Hans C.M.; Camanzi, Luca, Modelling consumer choice through the random regret minimization model: An application in the food domain, «FOOD QUALITY AND PREFERENCE», 2019, 73, pp. 97 - 109 [Articolo in rivista]
  • Ortensi Livia Elisa, L'immigrazione in Europa, in: Ventiquattresimo Rapporto sulle migrazioni 2018, Milano, Franco Angeli, 2019, pp. 20 - 34 [Capitolo/Saggio in libro]
  • Guerra, Maria Letizia; Sorini, Laerte; Stefanini, Luciano, Quantile and expectile smoothing based on L1-norm and L2-norm fuzzy transforms, «INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF APPROXIMATE REASONING», 2019, 107, pp. 17 - 43 [Articolo in rivista]
  • Zappi, Alessandro; Maini, Lucia; Galimberti, Giuliano; Caliandro, Rocco; Melucci, Dora*, Quantifying API polymorphs in formulations using X-ray powder diffraction and multivariate standard addition method combined with net analyte signal analysis, «EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF PHARMACEUTICAL SCIENCES», 2019, 130, pp. 36 - 43 [Articolo in rivista]