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Principali pubblicazioni dei membri del Dipartimento degli ultimi 5 anni.
Anno di pubblicazione
610 pubblicazioni
  • Guerra, Maria Letizia; Sorini, Laerte; Stefanini, Luciano, Quantile and expectile smoothing based on L1-norm and L2-norm fuzzy transforms, «INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF APPROXIMATE REASONING», 2019, 107, pp. 17 - 43 [Articolo in rivista]
  • Bilel Kacem Ben Ammou; Alberto Lanconelli, Rate of Convergence for Wong–Zakai-Type Approximations of Itô Stochastic Differential Equations, «JOURNAL OF THEORETICAL PROBABILITY», 2019, 32, pp. 1780 - 1803 [Articolo in rivista]
  • Zappi, Alessandro; Maini, Lucia; Galimberti, Giuliano; Caliandro, Rocco; Melucci, Dora*, Quantifying API polymorphs in formulations using X-ray powder diffraction and multivariate standard addition method combined with net analyte signal analysis, «EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF PHARMACEUTICAL SCIENCES», 2019, 130, pp. 36 - 43 [Articolo in rivista]
  • Vincenzo Denicolò, Giacomo Calzolari, Emilio Calvano, Sergio Pastorello, Algorithmic Pricing: What Implications for Competition Policy?, «REVIEW OF INDUSTRIAL ORGANIZATION», 2019, 55, pp. 155 - 171 [Articolo in rivista]
  • Viroli, Cinzia*; McLachlan, Geoffrey J., Deep Gaussian mixture models, «STATISTICS AND COMPUTING», 2019, 29, pp. 43 - 51 [Articolo in rivista]
  • Klüsener, Sebastian; Dribe, Martin; Scalone, Francesco, Spatial and Social Distance at the Onset of the Fertility Transition: Sweden, 1880–1900, «DEMOGRAPHY», 2019, 56, pp. 169 - 199 [Articolo in rivista]
  • Dribe, Martin*; Eriksson, Björn; Scalone, Francesco, Migration, marriage and social mobility: Women in Sweden 1880–1900, «EXPLORATIONS IN ECONOMIC HISTORY», 2019, 71, pp. 93 - 111 [Articolo in rivista]
  • Parma, Luca; Badiani, Anna; Bonaldo, Alessio*; Viroli, Cinzia; Farabegoli, Federica; Silvi, Marina; Bonvini, Erika; Pirini, Maurizio; Gatta, Pier Paolo, Farmed and wild common sole (Solea solea L.): Comparative assessment of morphometric parameters, processing yields, selected nutritional traits and sensory profile, «AQUACULTURE», 2019, 502, pp. 63 - 71 [Articolo in rivista]
  • Lanci, Aliai*; Castagnetti, Carolina; Ranciati, Saverio; Sergio, Chiara; Mariella, Jole, A regression model including fetal orbit measurements to predict parturition in Standardbred mares with normal pregnancy, «THERIOGENOLOGY», 2019, 126, pp. 153 - 158 [Articolo in rivista]
  • Guido Candela; Massimiliano Castellani; Roberto Dieci, In search of leisure time. An endogenous growth model with leisure services, «METROECONOMICA», 2019, 70, pp. 488 - 524 [Articolo in rivista]
  • Silvia Romagnoli; Enrico Bernardi; Matteo Doti, The impact of the dependence structure in risk management: a focus on credit-risk, «INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF GENERAL SYSTEMS», 2019, 48, pp. 335 - 361 [Articolo in rivista]
  • Linda Altieri, Daniela Cocchi, Giulia Roli, Measuring heterogeneity in urban expansion via spatial entropy, «ENVIRONMETRICS», 2019, 30, pp. 1 - 16 [Articolo in rivista]
  • Tito Pietra, A re-examination of constrained Pareto inefficiency in economies with incomplete markets, «JOURNAL OF MATHEMATICAL ECONOMICS», 2019, 80, pp. 39 - 55 [Articolo in rivista]
  • Manservisi, Fabiana; Lesseur, Corina; Panzacchi, Simona; Mandrioli, Daniele; Falcioni, Laura; Bua, Luciano; Manservigi, Marco; Spinaci, Marcella; Galeati, Giovanna; Mantovani, Alberto; Lorenzetti, Stefano; Miglio, Rossella; Andrade, Anderson Martino; Kristensen, David Møbjerg; Perry, Melissa J.; Swan, Shanna H.; Chen, Jia; Belpoggi, Fiorella*, The Ramazzini Institute 13-week pilot study glyphosate-based herbicides administered at human-equivalent dose to Sprague Dawley rats: Effects on development and endocrine system, «ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH», 2019, 18, pp. 1 - 16 [Articolo in rivista]
  • Ignazio Drudi , Gabriele Pasin, Giorgio Tassinari, La disuguaglianza economica uccide la democrazia, «CRITICA MARXISTA», 2019, 12, pp. 10 - 19 [Articolo in rivista]
  • R. Impicciatore, A. Pailhé, Do the Descendants of Immigrants Become Adults Sooner or Later than Native-born? Evidence from the French Generations and Gender Survey, in: Migrant Families in Europe: Evidence from the Generations & Gender Programme, Berlin, Population Europe, 2019, pp. 4 - 9 [Capitolo/Saggio in libro]
  • Paolo Martini, Monica Chiogna, Enrica Calura, Chiara Romualdi, MOSClip: multi-omic and survival pathway analysis for the identification of survival associated gene and modules, «NUCLEIC ACIDS RESEARCH», 2019, 47, pp. 1 - 13 [Articolo in rivista]
  • Khanh To Duc, Monica Chiogna, Gianfranco Adimari, Estimation of the volume under the ROC surface in presence of nonignorable verification bias, «STATISTICAL METHODS & APPLICATIONS», 2019, 28, pp. 695 - 722 [Articolo in rivista]
  • Di Giulio, Paola; Impicciatore, Roberto; Sironi, Maria, The changing pattern of cohabitation: A sequence analysis approach, «DEMOGRAPHIC RESEARCH», 2019, 40, pp. 1211 - 1248 [Articolo in rivista]
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